Collecting Documents to file your tax return

Collecting all the documents for income and deductions can be a challenging task. Sending in all your data is critical to completing an accurate tax return and gathering all of your expenses will help you take advantage of the most tax deductions.  Whether you are an individual with a few deductions or you have a small business, farm or rental income, these checklists will help you gather your information in a quick and detailed manner.

Filing Your Tax Return

Kirsch CPA Group will deliver tax returns electronically for those who qualify* using SafeSend Returns—an intuitive application with a step-by-step, automated filing experience. You’ll be able to review your return, sign, and submit–all from your computer or mobile device. And, did we mention it’s fast, completely secure and easy to use?

SafeSend Returns is a revolutionary tax return delivery process. It provides a customer-friendly interface that walks you through your tax return while incorporating IRS compliant e-signatures on your e-file authorization forms and a payment voucher reminder system.

Take a look at this video to learn more about this service:  SafeSend Delivery

Send Us Your Forms

Traditional Way

Complete a checklist from the list below and gather your documents. Mail or Drop off at our Hamilton or Oxford Location. When your return is complete, we will contact you to pick up your documents.

Electronic & Secure

Open the form you need below. Fill in your information. Save it to your computer and send it through our secure client portal. Click the Client Login Button at the top of the page and send your information securely. When your return is complete, you will receive an email from SAFE SEND to review and sign your tax return electronically. Secure! No paper! No stamps! If you are not set up, email to get set up today!