Accounting Advisory ServicesKirsch CPA Group will help you understand your financial health and take the guesswork out of planning, budgeting and decision-making

Running a business is hard enough but growing it requires deeper insight into financial intricacies than basic accounting services can provide.

All businesses need accounting, audit and tax but does your accountant help you make complex business decisions with a clear understanding of cash flow, profitability, your balance sheet, and overall financial health?

Kirsch CPA Group accounting advisory services will help you understand and navigate the challenges for long-term financial success.

What Are Accounting Advisory Services?

Many business owners do not have the financial background needed to get clear answers to questions that may seem straightforward but can have complex answers, such as:

  • “Where did the money go?”
  • “Why are my margins eroding?”
  • “Where should I focus to achieve and sustain growth?”
  • “How do I improve cash flow?”
  • “Do I have the money to expand?”
  • “Can I save on taxes?”

Kirsch CPA Group accounting advisory services will help you answer these questions.

How Kirsch Accounting Advisory Services Work

Accounting advisory services from Kirsch CPA Group are provided monthly, quarterly and as needed.

Monthly Advisory Services

  • Reconciliation of all checking and credit card accounts within your accounting software
  • Revenue analysis: month-end analysis of projects in process; calculation of revenue to be recognized, unbilled revenue and advance billings
  • Maintenance of fixed asset listing; calculation and recording of depreciation
  • Review of monthly activity and preparation of adjustments to accurately reflect all income and expenses, including expenses and payroll accruals
  • Preparation of a monthly reporting package
Monthly Advisory Services
Quarterly Strategic Planning

Quarterly Strategic Planning

  • Preparation of summary dashboard of financial results and key performance indicators – identifying profit improvement opportunities and movement towards goals
  • Discussion with management to review results
  • Review of tax position based on YTD results and projected results for the remainder of year
  • Review of cash flow needs for taxes and possible shareholder distributions

Other Advisory Services (as needed)

  • Real-Time Pro Forma Financials
  • Financial Modeling
  • Internal Control Review
  • Business Valuation
  • Acquisition Planning
  • Owner Compensation Review
  • Job & Project Costing
  • Chart of Accounts Revision
  • Audits & Attestation
  • ESOP Evaluation
  • Gross Profit/Margin Analysis
  • Accounting Software Recommendation

How to Get Started

One way to experience our accounting and business advisory services is by choosing one of the complimentary consultations and filling out the form below:

  • Balance Sheet Review: we will examine your reporting and make suggestions
  • Tax Structure Review: we will look at your tax return and give you feedback on the ideal tax structure for your business
  • Initial Profitability Analysis: we will review how your company’s performance compares with others in your industry