What to Do When Your Bank Wants Financial Statements

If a bank, investor, buyer, bond agency, or other third-party asks for or demands your financials—and your CPA firm cannot provide them in a timely manner—you may not get the loan or credit line increase Read More

Chad Williams

Jun 11, 2021

What Your Numbers Are Saying: Are You Listening?
Part 1: Do You Know Your Profitability?

When evaluating the financial health of your business, it’s important to look at a variety of indicators – but how can you be sure you have the right numbers? Are you as profitable as you Read More

Chad Williams

Jun 09, 2021

Does Your Business Need a CFO?

Most business owners recognize a chief financial officer (CFO) as the financial steward of an organization who can free them up to focus on growth and other areas. Yet, many small and medium-sized business owners Read More

Chad Williams

Jun 01, 2021

Accounting Myth Busting: Switching Your Accountant Is Costly

Change is hard, even when you know it’s the right thing to do. That is just as true in business as in every other human endeavor. And so, we put it off. We find ways Read More

Chad Williams

Apr 09, 2021

Using Cash Flow Forecasting to Avoid Problems & Grow Your Business

Every business owner knows the importance of cash flow. It’s what keeps the lights on and keeps things moving forward. But cash flow is not the same thing as your bank balance today vs. yesterday. Read More

Chad Williams

Apr 07, 2021

Do You Need More from Your Accounting Firm?

Is your accountant unintentionally holding back your business and costing you money and opportunity? The lifecycle of a business has many inflection points. The accountant you used when your biggest concern was filing a tax Read More

Chad Williams

Feb 24, 2021

Opportunity Zone Investments: A Tax Deferral Opportunity You May Have Overlooked

Many investors are unaware of the potential to defer taxes by investing in a qualified opportunity zone (“QOZ”). Created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and intended to spur economic development in Read More

Chad Williams

Feb 17, 2021

Is Your Business Eligible for the Second Round of PPP Loans?

The second round of PPP loans is approved. Banks will begin accepting applications for second-time borrowers on January 13, 2021. Is your business eligible? Second-time PPP borrowers will apply using Form 2483-SD. To determine your Read More

Chad Williams

Jan 12, 2021

Ohio’s Popular Small Business Deduction May be Ending

Dating back to 2013, Ohio has allowed owners of small businesses to deduct up to $250,000 of income related to their business on their Ohio income tax return. Any remaining business income beyond that level Read More

Chad Williams

May 10, 2019

Put the Tax Cuts to work for your Business

Do you know the highest individual tax rate under the new laws?  What are the highest tax rates in the history of the United States? While these were some interesting tax facts, those who attended Read More

Chad Williams

Jul 17, 2018