Core Values to Build Success

John Kirsch

May 02, 2018

It seems like just yesterday (and yet, a lifetime ago) that I embarked on this business adventure in my first office in Oxford, OH. I had the good fortune of some outstanding mentors in my prior experiences, creative and entrepreneurial partners and a few clients willing to take a chance on our firm. Having the opportunity to be surrounded by incredible, like minded team members, clients and friends of the firm has been a true joy.

As I reflect on our expansion to a new office, I am thankful for the growth our team has experienced. Thinking about that growth and how we got here is the foundation on which to build our future and to help other businesses and organizations build their future.

My experience with hundreds of diverse organizations has proven to me the that identifying a few key core values and sticking to them will go a long way towards success. As an example, three significant values have brought us to where we are:

Innovation – Behind every great business is some form of innovation and we are constantly looking for ways to push the envelope. This mindset drives us to find creative approaches and original solutions. An innovative mindset can open an organization’s eyes to consistently deliver new ways to provide better answers than what came before.

Partnership – We instill a sense of partnership, rather than simply providing a service. Always working as a partner instead of a service provider develops a stronger connection to your clients.

Passion – It is through our passion to help small businesses grow that we have built our firm. Developing a team with passion for what you do will create an environment in which innovation and productivity create exceptional service. This is easy to say and difficult to execute – but that’s the point. It will differentiate you from almost everyone else!

It has been an absolute privilege to serve our clients, and I look forward to many more years of helping business owners and managers to achieve their personal and financial goals.

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