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Dealing With College Costs

Here's a little-known secret for parents planning to send their children to college: Some of the tax-saving moves you make now could hurt your student's chances for getting financial aidlater. It's because of the way…

  • Diane Glover
  • Jul 14, 2015

DOL Gets Tough on Independent Contractor Classification

"The Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division (WHD) continues to receive numerous complaints from workers alleging misclassification, and the Department continues to bring successful enforcement actions against employers who misclassify workers," said a detailed…

  • Diane Glover
  • Jul 30, 2015

Fiscal Year 2016 Travel Per Diem Rates

Documenting business travel expenses causes administrative headaches for employers and employees alike. Typically, employees are required to collect receipts as they travel, noting the time, place and business purpose of each expenditure. They then must…

  • Diane Glover
  • Sep 30, 2015

2015 Year-End Tax Planning Tips for Individuals

As 2015 winds down, it's a good idea to budget for your 2015 personal income tax bill, in the event that you'll owe the IRS money. Taxpayers who review their situations before year end have…

  • Deb Weber
  • Nov 10, 2015

Leaving IRA Money to Charity: A Tax-Smart Strategy

These days, many people have a large percentage of their wealth in the form of traditional IRA accounts. In most cases, this is because significant distributions have been rolled over tax-free from qualified retirement plans…

  • Deb Weber
  • Dec 21, 2015

A Gift from Uncle Sam: Congress Passes the Extenders Package

This holiday season, taxpayers are receiving a "gift" from Washington, D.C. It's the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 or, simply, the PATH Act. It does more than just extend expired tax provisions…

  • John Kirsch
  • Dec 23, 2015

ACA Boosts Popularity of Health Savings Accounts

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) seems to be making Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) more popular than ever. A recent report issued by Devenir, an HSA industry participant, highlights two key findings: 1. As of June…

  • Janis Bergeron
  • Jan 29, 2016

Good News for Ohio Taxpayers

There's good news for Ohio taxpayers this tax season, whether you're an individual or a small business owner. These changes can offer savings and provide a quicker, more efficient filing process. Here are the tax…

  • Sue Schloemer
  • Feb 10, 2016

Get More Bang for Your Buck with Tax-Favored Employee Benefits

2016 ushers in a few changes to the tax laws that govern benefits, as the IRS recently laid out in its annual "Tax Guide to Fringe Benefits." The document features important clarifications, not just identifying…

  • Deb Weber
  • Feb 18, 2016

Five Last-Minute Moves to Lower Your 2015 Tax Bill

Tax Day is right around the corner. Have you filed your federal tax return yet? The filing deadline to submit 2015 individual federal income tax returns is Monday, April 18, 2016, rather than the traditional…

  • Diane Glover
  • Mar 11, 2016