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Buying or Selling – What is the Right value of a business?

Valuation Is Key as the M&A Market Slowly Heats Up After a lackluster 2012, domestic M&A activity is on the rise. Small business deal volume was up 62 percent in the second quarter of 2013…

  • Diane Glover
  • Aug 22, 2013

Maxine Harris Helps Veterans Take a Memorial Visit to Washington DC

14th Recreational Vehicle Convoy (RVC) Trip, September 27-29, 2013 World War II and Korean Conflict Veterans To Washington DC Friday, 9/27/13 - 6:00 am: Veterans, RV drivers, guardians and friends gathered at the VFW Post…

  • Diane Glover
  • Dec 05, 2013

Food for Thought When Making Year-End Charitable Contributions

Before slicing into their Thanksgiving turkeys, most Americans pause to give thanks for their good fortune. And, in the spirit of the holidays, many give to those in need. The average charity receives about 40…

  • Diane Glover
  • Dec 05, 2013

Wrap Up Last-Chance Tax Breaks for 2013

The holiday season can be a difficult time to think about taxes. But with a few last-minute maneuvers, you might be able to reduce the amount of money you owe Uncle Sam for 2013. Here…

  • Diane Glover
  • Dec 12, 2013

Issue Form 1099-MISC to Independent Contractors by 1/31/2017

[caption id="attachment_2915" align="alignright" width="280"] File 1099 forms for all independent contractors you paid more than $600[/caption] If you own a business or are self-employed, you may need to submit a 1099-Misc to both the Internal…

  • Jackie Powell
  • Jan 17, 2018

Issue Form 1099-MISC to Independent Contractors by 1/31/14

FORM 1099-MISC is used to report certain types of payments made in the course of business. If you own a business or are self-employed, you may need to submit a 1099-Misc to both the Internal…

  • Diane Glover
  • Jan 09, 2014

Last Minute Tip to Lower Your Tax Bill

Tax Day is right around the corner. If your tax bill is higher than you'd like, there may still be an opportunity to lower it: If you qualify, you can make a deductible contribution to…

  • Diane Glover
  • Apr 07, 2014

Start Succession Planning Now

The majority of North American businesses are family owned and many are facing ownership-transfer issues as the baby-boomer founders enter retirement. Roadblocks to Successful Transitions There are four major reasons successions in family businesses tend…

  • Diane Glover
  • May 14, 2014

Time is Money: Don’t Spend Valuable Time Inputting Data into QuickBooks

Do you get valuable monthly data from vendors and banking partners?  How do you process that information to run your business?  Do you have someone manually input all of those records into QuickBooks? If so,…

  • Diane Glover
  • Jun 18, 2014

Ten Tax Planning Tips to Consider

Here are 10 tax planning tips to consider that might help reduce your federal income tax bill: 1. Contribute the maximum amount to your 401(k) plan. Up to applicable limits, your contributions are subtracted from…

  • Diane Glover
  • Oct 15, 2014