What Level of Audit & Assurance Services Are Right for Your Business?

Putting your business financials and processes under the microscope can be an intensive process. At the same time, the benefits of your financials undergoing such scrutiny are hard to overestimate. The revelation of even a Read More

Janis Bergeron

Jul 11, 2022

Are you prepared for the new Revenue Recognition standards?

You have heard of Revenue Recognition, and likely know you need to make changes. But WHAT?  Here is what you need to know, and how it’s done.   What Businesses are impacted by the change Read More

Janis Bergeron

Nov 07, 2019

Keep Your Donor Database Clean

This is one of those Believe It or Not stories: Years ago, a charity generated solicitation letters from a computerized donor database. One letter addressed to a state Humane Society stated: "Dear Miss Society." Whoops! Read More

Janis Bergeron

Mar 23, 2017

Don’t Let Your Business Become Obsolete

Digital disruption is described as the changes that occur when new technologies and businesses models have a negative effect on existing goods and services. Despite some activity, many companies are lagging when it comes to Read More

Janis Bergeron

Nov 08, 2016

ACA Boosts Popularity of Health Savings Accounts

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) seems to be making Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) more popular than ever. A recent report issued by Devenir, an HSA industry participant, highlights two key findings: 1. As of June Read More

Janis Bergeron

Jan 29, 2016