It’s Not Just What We Do,
But How We Do It.

Accounting and tax services are just the beginning. Our approach to business at Kirsch is to instill a sense of partnership, rather than simply providing a service. We at Kirsch focus on the needs of our clients’ businesses, bringing forth strategic advice that helps to drive better business decisions. We see our clients the way we see ourselves, as business owners constantly looking to the future for better ways to provide what we have to offer. The people we work with are individuals who embody the same qualities that drive progress  within our own organization.

Defining Business Expenses

We are Entrepreneurs

Our business is driven by optimism and passion. We hold tight to the belief that there’s a better way and we believe in giving everything we have to get there. We constantly question, we look for new opportunities, we calculate risks and we deliver.

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We are Innovators

We think beyond the status quo. Whether subtle or profound, behind every great business is some form of innovation and we are constantly looking for ways to innovate. Our mindset drives us to find creative approaches and original solutions. It enables us to consistently deliver new ways to look at business and provide better answers than what came before.

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our Approach
Our Approach initiators

We are Initiators

We are proactive. We look to the future to anticipate changes in advance. When new opportunities arise or new risks approach, we act rather than being acted upon. In other words, we are oriented towards change and our bottom line is to act, execute and deliver.

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The Result


Peace of Mind

Know that the financial necessities of your business are being handled so you can concentrate on growth opportunities.

How We Do It

Your compliance matters are handled seamlessly
Tax return preparation
Outsourced accounting
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Moving You Forward

We are at your side so you are out in front of opportunities and challenges, with proactive and creative planning.

How We Do It

Proactive tax and other planning
Innovative tax strategies
Cash flow forecast and management
Outsourced CFO
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Building Value

We work with you to see strategic opportunities, make your business more profitable and enable you to develope financial freedom and independence and eventual transition.

How We Do It

Look at your business strategically
Building business value
Develop financial independence
Succession planning
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Looking to the Future when Valuing a Business

  • February 1, 2023
  • Kirsch CPA Group
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