Retail, by nature, is a highly competitive industry in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Retail is characterized by the daily emergence of new products, alongside constant fluctuations in demand and pricing. The challenges in navigating this landscape include managing complex inventories, controlling cost and maintaining efficiency. Depending on the size of your business, it may all just be a little bit too much to handle in-house. We are here to support you and your business’ needs.

Growing your Retail Business

Kirsch takes a proactive approach to your finances, offers professionals with years of experience in your specific industry and treats you as a partner in business. But retail isn’t like most other industries. Consumer trends are finicky and ever-changing, and predicting what will sell six months down the road is necessary but associated with risks. But it doesn’t have to be.

We work with our retail partners to help them better understand the financial position they’re in and how to capitalize on potential opportunities. We help our clients:

– Obtain financing for inventory, payables, and payroll management
– Track how inventory purchases and sales impact cash flow
– Understand which products are profitable and which ones aren’t making the cut
– Determine when it’s time to liquidate excess inventory


See How We Can Help You Refine Your Operations

Operational effectiveness has a direct effect on how quickly and
effectively companies can bring new products or services to market.

When it comes to working with our partners in retail, we believe in hands-on experience, genuine insights and going above and beyond typical expectations. We understand the challenges unique to the retail industry, and it takes more than just accounting work to effectively mold inventory management, cash flow, and financing into sustainable growth. Let Kirsch be your partner.