Documents Required to file your tax return

Collecting all the documents for income and deductions can be a challenging task. Sending in all your data is critical to completing an accurate tax return and gathering all of your expenses will help you take advantage of the most tax deductions. Whether you are an individual with a few deductions or you have a small business, farm or rental income, these checklists will help you gather your information in a quick and detailed manner.

2020 Individual Tax 1040 Checklist

2020 Engagement Agreement

Small Business Worksheet – Schedule C

Rental Property Worksheet – Schedule E

Farm Worksheet – Schedule F

Process to File Your Tax Return

1. Review the engagement agreement.
2. Complete your checklist and gather all of your tax documents.
3. Click the Secure File Upload at the top of the page and upload your tax documents no later than March 22, 2021.
4. Our team will prepare your tax return and contact you with any questions.
5. Your completed tax return, payment vouchers, and an invoice from Kirsch will be delivered to you via SafeSend Returns.
6. Review your tax return and sign the e-file authorization form (Form 8879).
7. Review and pay your Kirsch Invoice for professional services.
8. If applicable, pay all tax due to Federal and State.
9. If applicable, print city/local tax returns, sign, and mail (with payment due if required).

Take a look at this video to learn more about this service:  SafeSend Returns Delivery

Work with Kirsch Electronically

SafeSend Exchange

Complete a checklist from the list below and gather your documents. Click on the SECURE FILE UPLOAD tab at the top of this page. Upload your documents safely and securely - all while remaining safely at home.

SafeSend Returns

When your tax return is ready, using the innovative technology of SafeSend Returns, you have a hassle-free way to receive and review your income tax returns. Then e-sign your tax return - right from your computer in the safety of your home. You will receive an email from Click the link and review, download, and sign your tax returns.