TaxCaddy for Kirsch CPA Group Clients

TaxCaddy is a secure, easy-to-use platform for uploading tax documents to Kirsch CPA Group – enabling the storage, retrieval, and transmittal of key tax documents (1099s, 1098s and W-2s) – at no extra charge for you.

TaxCaddy Login

TaxCaddy is an automated platform that securely and electronically routes uploaded documentation to Kirsch CPA Group, streamlining the tax preparation and filing process. Rather than scrambling for tax documents at the end of the year, TaxCaddy allows you to upload them throughout the year, so you spend less time on gathering your tax documents and gain peace of mind that all of your documents have been sent to Kirsch.

With both iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as a web portal, TaxCaddy makes the entire process easy, safe, and secure.

Get started by completing the form on the right and we will send you a personal invitation with a link you can use to set up your TaxCaddy account. It’s easy. It’s secure and it’s free. Sign up for your account before December 15.

TaxCaddy FAQ

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about TaxCaddy. If you don’t see an answer to your question, contact us and your Kirsch representative will reach out with answers.

TaxCaddy is a safe and secure online system to help you gather and organize your 1040 tax preparation materials (1099s, 1098s, W-2s) and provide them to Kirsch CPA Group electronically. It allows you to connect to your financial institutions and retrieve your documents automatically. You also have the option of using an app on your mobile device to upload photos of your paper documents. You can upload and store your documents safe and secure year-round.
TaxCaddy helps you:
  • Streamline tax document gathering
  • Simplify document delivery to Kirsch CPA Group
  • Reduce errors
  • Use smart links to retrieve documents quickly
  • Minimize time spent gathering documents
You will receive an email at the address you submit in the form on this page. The email will come from “”. The subject line will be: Kirsch CPA Group invited you to create a TaxCaddy account. Click the “Sign Up Free” button to activate your account. Then log in to your TaxCaddy account and accept Kirsch CPA Group’s connection request, which grants Kirsch CPA Group permission to see your tax documents and send you letters. We also recommend downloading the TaxCaddy mobile app. Then you can upload any tax documents you receive throughout the year, e.g., written acknowledgments for charitable contributions, sale of property, etc.
Use your TaxCaddy App or go to
Submit the signup form above and Kirsch CPA Group will send you an invitation to join.
You should see the Kirsch CPA Group logo in the top left corner of your screen when you are successfully connected.
In January, you will receive important action items in your account. Review the requested items, complete the checklist, upload the appropriate documents to your document request list, and set up your smart links. Once complete, click the “Done Uploading” button.
The checklist is a handy resource to assist you with identifying what information you may need to submit and to communicate any changes to your personal information.
TaxCaddy does not accept QuickBooks files at this time. Instead, please provide any QuickBooks files via Secure File Upload on the Kirsch Website.
Your TaxCaddy account is your property for your lifetime. If you ever wish to recover a document from a previous year, simply log into your TaxCaddy account and download the documents.
Yes. Using your phone gives quick easy access to taking pictures on the TaxCaddy app and then you are done – the tax documents can be immediately viewed by the team at Kirsch CPA Group.
No. For joint filers, you will have one TaxCaddy account. Please choose one spouse’s email and sign up at Kirsch. Once you set up the account, both filers can access the account by signing in with your designated email address and password.

Have more questions about TaxCaddy?

Visit the TaxCaddy Help Center for more information, or contact us here.

TaxCaddy Simplifies Tax Time

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