Simplify Tax Time with TaxCaddy

Stephanie Rupnik

Oct 19, 2021

Now there’s an easier and faster way to get your individual tax documents to Kirsch CPA Group – sign up for Tax Caddy today (it’s free)

At Kirsch CPA Group, we know how life is busy with family, work or running your business. When we come across a solution to make tax time easier, or saves time you can use for more important things, we’re all in.

We have teamed up with TaxCaddy, which makes tax time easier and faster by providing you with a secure way to upload your individual tax documents to Kirsch CPA Group – anytime, anywhere.

If you’re a current Kirsch CPA Group client, TaxCaddy is free and replaces our Client Center portal for uploading your individual tax documents.

What Is TaxCaddy?

TaxCaddy is cloud software that lets you upload documents needed for your taxes to be prepared by Kirsch CPA Group, including 1099s, 1098s and W-2s – from any device, including your tablet or phone.

You can upload documents as PDFs or scan paper documents with its easy-to-use photo scan feature.  The Smart Link feature allows you to connect to your investment firm to automatically upload your 1099 statements. TaxCaddy also lets you collaborate with Kirsch CPA Group. Following signup, you own your TaxCaddy account so you can log in anytime to download your tax documents, whenever you need them.

Safe & Secure

TaxCaddy ensures the safety of your personal and financial information with the following:

  • Microsoft Azure infrastructure provides encrypted communication, threat management and mitigation practices, including penetration testing
  • Amazon Web Services provides secure storage with documents encrypted in transit and at rest with best-in-class Secure Socket Layer and Server Side Encryption technology
  • C-Level Security certification, which ensures the strictest data safeguards are followed

Make Tax Time Easier

Your tax strategies may be complicated but communicating and sharing documents with your advisor shouldn’t be.

At Kirsch CPA Group, we are committed to making things easier for our clients, and we are excited to be able to offer the benefits of TaxCaddy to you at no charge.

Learn more and sign up for TaxCaddy by clicking here.

Contact us to learn more about TaxCaddy and tax preparation


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