Construction Business Owners: Prepare Now for Possible Tax Law Changes

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was signed into law in 2017 and generally took effect at the start of 2018. It brought sweeping changes to various aspects of tax law for both individuals Read More

Kirsch CPA Group

Jun 11, 2024

Construction Business Owners: Avoid These Two Common Accounting Problems

For construction companies, accounting isn't as simple as just balancing the books every month. Contractors tend to have multiple projects underway at various stages of completion and, ideally, more in the pipeline. Your accounting practices Read More

Kirsch CPA Group

May 13, 2024

How Construction Businesses Can Better Manage Their Money

For construction businesses, financial management is notoriously complex. Contractors have to deal with the ebbs and flows of their respective markets, project-based pricing and collections, rising operating costs, and various other factors — not the Read More

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Apr 09, 2024

Construction Companies Can Manage Their Workers’ Comp Costs

For construction businesses, workers' compensation insurance is a must-have. Unfortunately, because of factors such as inflation and labor shortages, the cost per claim has generally increased industrywide in recent years. It may seem like there's Read More

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Mar 11, 2024

Change Order Management: Best Practices for Construction Businesses

As you know, change orders are an inherent part of the construction industry. Alterations to the original design, specifications, execution methods or scope of a job can impact the budget and timeline. And when not Read More

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Jan 16, 2024

How Construction Company Owners Can Build a Succession Plan Framework

At some time or another, construction company owners must hang up their hard hats. But what will happen to your business when you retire or move on to the next professional opportunity? And what if Read More

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Jan 02, 2024