Ownership and administration in a fast-paced sector like the professional service industry is enough to keep anyone’s plate full. When it comes to managing your company’s finances, a partner can ease some of the burden and allow you to focus on the big picture. Our team of CPAs and business coaches has a long track record of working the numbers in the service economy. The insights and advice we provide is based on years of veteran experience.

Working with People

Running a service-oriented business means that your most valuable assets are your people. Therefore, one of your foremost concerns is managing and maintaining your staff. With cash flow management and productivity breakdowns, we help you determine whether or not you’ve struck the right balance between client work and other matters. We also conduct employee/contractor analysis to help you understand the risks imposed by increasing the number of contractors at your company and provide guidance on structuring the right agreement to mitigate these risks.

No Surprises

Any kind of business occasionally presents itself with the prospect of unpredictability and risk. That’s why it’s so important to act with the kind of foresight that we provide at Kirsch. We can help you devise accurate quotes for project expenses and manage your budget for timely and cost-effective completion. In terms of tax planning, we help you project outwards to take advantage of opportunities to minimize your tax liability. We can also provide evaluations of your service offerings to determine which services are meeting performance standards and which are under performing. This way, you’re never left in the dark about the sources of your inefficiencies.


Find Out More About How to Refine Your Operations

Operational effectiveness has a direct effect on how quickly and
effectively companies can bring new products or services to market.


Our financial modeling services give you the ability to weigh your options before acting by actively planning for opportunities considering factors like the revenue required to support a new hire or the right business strategy to enter a new market.



How to Get Started

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  • Balance Sheet Review: we will examine your reporting and make suggestions
  • Tax Structure Review: we will look at your tax return and give you feedback on the ideal tax structure for your business
  • Initial Profitability Analysis: we will review your profitability & recent trends