Kirsch CPA Group provides the tools you need to assess – and grow – the value of your business.

There are many sound reasons for conducting a valuation of your business beyond preparing to sell it. The Kirsch CPA Group team has the tools and expertise to ensure a valuation that brings you the clarity you need, whether you are fulfilling a tax or contractual requirement or doing due diligence as part of a strategic growth plan.

Kirsch CPA valuation service includes both formal business valuations and market analysis services. While both are commonly referred to as “valuations,” these are very different processes that rely upon different expertise.

Business Valuation & Market Analysis Services

Formal Business Valuations

Business valuation services can answer many questions, but the one that most business owners are interested in is, “What is my business really worth?”

The answer to this question, however, is more of an exercise in market analysis, and may be undertaken for a wide variety of reasons:

  • Acquisition planning
  • Evaluation of offers
  • To stay prepared for opportunities that can present themselves with short notice
  • To determine your ability to add partners or incentives as an edge in hiring and retention
  • For developing sound buy, sell, and exit strategies
  • For a better understanding of your financial health

More formal business valuation processes are conducted for specific external events or to satisfy a third-party request. This process is subject to specific protocols, processes, and a set of standards established by the American Institute of CPAs and performed by CPAs accredited in business valuations (ABV). Scenarios that drive this type of valuation include:

  • Estate planning valuation required for tax purposes
  • Gifting shares of a business to a child – also required by the IRS
  • Providing equity to a key employee
  • Buying out a partner’s share in the business

Market Analysis Valuations

Unlike a formal business valuation, a market analysis valuation assesses what a knowledgeable buyer would determine is the value of your business, or the value of a business you have identified as a potential acquisition. This process requires solid business instincts, experience, and deep knowledge of your business and your industry – well beyond numbers on a page (includes a lot of digging). Key questions include:

  • What is the real financial picture of the business?
  • What factors may be creating a distorted picture of the bottom line?
  • Where is the market headed?

Valuations with Value-Add

The right partner for any type of business valuation or market analysis is one who knows your business, and who isn’t afraid to tell you when your numbers or your growth strategies are off the mark.

With three decades of providing clients across a wide array of industries with reliable financial reporting, deep business expertise, and a holistic, solutions-driven approach, Kirsch CPA Group delivers business valuation and market analysis services that go deeper and move you closer to your goals.

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How to Get Started

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