Are you satisfied with your current payroll provider? Have you been left stranded, having to navigate a maze of contacts instead of dealing with a dedicated representative? Are you receiving calls from employees regarding incorrect payments? Do payroll notices keep piling up?

If you are facing payroll mistakes, unresponsiveness, or payroll tax complications, we specialize in delivering exceptional payroll services tailored to the unique needs of businesses like yours. Whether you have limited knowledge or time to handle payrolls, we provide the expertise and support you need.

In today’s competitive job market, businesses need advanced guidance for profit sharing, bonuses, and awards, ensuring you can attract and retain top talent. Additionally, as a business expands across state lines and incorporates remote workers, we address the complexities of multi-state and local taxes, saving you time and ensuring compliance.

Payroll isn’t just another task on your to-do list; it’s a critical aspect of your overall business operations. As part of our holistic service plan, we integrate payroll into the array of accounting and tax services we provide.


Payroll Services

Specific payroll services provided:

Payroll Processing & Reporting

Workers’ Compensation

Benefits Accruals

Payroll Tax Management

Managing Garnishments

The Advantages of Payroll Provided by Your Accounting Partner

There are many advantages to combining your payroll support with your accounting services. When you have a holistic accounting provider like Kirsch CPA Group, you’ve got a team behind you – one that knows your business and financial goals.

Here’s an overview of the benefits our clients reap when they add payroll to their services:

  • It’s Easy: A partner working with both your accounting and payroll provides better answers and visibility into the needs and challenges of the business
  • It Eliminates Headaches: Multistate payroll tax issues are complex, and errors can be expensive; Kirsch clients don’t have to worry
  • It’s Reliable: Unanswered payroll questions make for unhappy employees. The personalized, holistic customer service from Kirsch CPA Group provides a person to help you resolve your issues
  • It’s Proactive: We can identify needed payroll changes based on our knowledge of your business – before problems arise
  • It’s There When You Need it: Payroll questions need timely answers; when you use Kirsch CPA Group for accounting, business advisory, and payroll support, you’ll have the expertise of the entire Kirsch team when you need it
  • It’s Sophisticated: High-level cash flow forecasting can deliver strategic insights for making hiring and compensation decisions
  • It’s Time You Can Use for Bigger Things: When you’re spending time unraveling mysteries like multistate payroll tax obligations, that’s time you’re not using to grow your business

Payroll Customized to Meet Your Needs

Our customizable payroll services are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you prefer a full-service payroll solution or already use popular platforms like ADP, Paychex, Paycor, Deltek, or Intuit, we seamlessly integrate with these platforms. We assist with specific aspects of payroll, such as tax calculations or employee onboarding, or provide a more hands-on approach. Choose the customizable options to suit you.

Oversight Level:

  • Assist with employee set-up and provide ongoing support to address any questions or concerns

Full-Service Level:

  • Manage the entire payroll processing
  • Record the payroll entry in your accounting software
  • Initiate deposits for retirement deferrals on your behalf

Customized Levels:

  • We offer flexibility to cater to individual preferences
  • Clients have the option to initiate payroll themselves, and we undertake a thorough review before processing it

Each client has unique payroll needs. Therefore, we strive to accommodate your requirements by offering a range of service levels. Whether clients prefer minimal oversight, full-service assistance, or something in between, we are here to provide reliable and customized payroll solutions.

Get Started with Kirsch CPA

Do you need to alleviate the burden of payroll management, leaving you with more time to focus on growing your business? Don’t let messy payroll processes cause ongoing headaches and dissatisfied employees. Experience the relief and efficiency of our streamlined payroll services.

Our goal is to simplify your payroll processes, save you time and effort, and provide you with the peace of mind that comes with accurate and compliant payroll management. Let us work with you to create a tailored payroll solution that aligns perfectly with your needs and preferences.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and discover how our customizable payroll solutions can streamline your operations. Fill out the form or call us at (513) 858-6040.


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