How Construction Business Owners Can Prepare for an IRS Audit

The IRS has historically considered construction a high-risk compliance industry because of its potential for cash transactions, underreported income and worker misclassification. What's more, as the tax agency rolls into the future under new leadership, Read More

Kirsch CPA Group

May 10, 2023

How External Auditors Can Leverage Your Internal Audit Work

If your organization has an internal audit function, you may be able to use your internal audit team to streamline financial reporting by external auditors. External auditors aren't required to use internal auditors in any Read More

Kirsch CPA Group

Apr 26, 2023

Fraud Alert: Scammers are requesting account changes

The banking industry is reporting a significant increase in account fraud. A high number of instances are being reported where scammers reach out to businesses via email posing as a client or vendors informing them Read More

Pete Abner

Mar 17, 2023

Is Your Business Ready for Next Level Accounting Services?

In our latest guide, Next Level Accounting Services, you’ll learn the benefits of accounting services that do far more than prepare your taxes and balance the books – and how to recognize when you need Read More

Kirsch CPA Group

Dec 27, 2022

Do Your ESG Initiatives Open the Door to Fraud?

Within a relatively short period, corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives evolved from a disjointed and confusing set of goals to a more unified business imperative. This is largely because investors, employees, customers and Read More

Kirsch CPA Group

Aug 04, 2022

BWC Audits: Should I Be Worried?

Each year the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) randomly selects employers to audit to verify that employers are properly classified according to their business operations and to make sure payrolls are accurately reported with Read More

Deb Weber

Jul 19, 2022

What Level of Audit & Assurance Services Are Right for Your Business?

Putting your business financials and processes under the microscope can be an intensive process. At the same time, the benefits of your financials undergoing such scrutiny are hard to overestimate. The revelation of even a Read More

Janis Bergeron

Jul 11, 2022

Spotlight on a Critical Antifraud Tool: Risk Assessments

Fraud risk assessments have been shown to prevent occupational fraud and limit losses for victimized organizations. These tools have become more prevalent in recent years, according to "Occupational Fraud 2022: A Report to the Nations" Read More

Kirsch CPA Group

Jul 07, 2022

New ACFE Study: Knowledge Is Power in the Fight Against Fraud

Every two years, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) publishes a study detailing the costs, schemes, perpetrators and victims of occupational fraud. "Occupational Fraud 2022: A Report to the Nations" was recently released. It Read More

Kirsch CPA Group

May 26, 2022

What to Do When Your Bank Wants Financial Statements

If a bank, investor, buyer, bond agency, or other third-party asks for or demands your financials—and your CPA firm cannot provide them in a timely manner—you may not get the loan or credit line increase Read More

Kirsch CPA Group

Jun 11, 2021