Beware: Remote Work May Complicate Your Income Taxes

Remote work has become more common in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in employers realizing that many jobs can be done from home. Some remote workers even work in a different state Read More

Kirsch CPA Group

Apr 01, 2022

Got Remote Workers? You Need to Understand Jurisdiction

The pandemic isn't in the rearview mirror yet, but it's already clear that the U.S. business landscape has changed. Many employers, for example, are expected to allow their remote workforce to remain working from home Read More

Kirsch CPA Group

Jul 07, 2021

Should Your Nonprofit Adopt Remote Work Permanently?

If your the staffers of your not-for-profit can work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, they probably are. But what about when the crisis ends? As workers have become accustomed to remote work, many now Read More

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Oct 15, 2020