Do LLC Members Owe Self-Employment Tax?

The federal tax code's self-employment tax provisions were enacted long before the existence of limited liability companies (LLCs). As LLCs became increasingly popular, an important question arose: How do the self-employment tax rules apply to Read More

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Mar 17, 2022

7 Valuable Deductions for Self-Employed Individuals

If your business was forced to close due to the pandemic, you may be itching to get back in the game. Or maybe you're looking to fulfill a lifelong dream of running a business for Read More

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Jun 09, 2021

FAQs About Self-Employment Tax

Do you owe self-employment (SE) tax on non-wage income that you collect only occasionally or in a one-off circumstance? Some sources of income may not be subject to the dreaded SE tax. Here's what you Read More

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Jan 03, 2020