How Buy-Sell Agreements Factor into Business Owners’ Estate Plans

If you're a business owner, you may already be familiar with buy-sell agreements. These legal documents set rules for the disposition of owners' business interests should they die, become disabled, get divorced or withdraw from Read More

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Sep 14, 2022

Should You Transfer Your Home to Your Adult Child?

Buying a house in today's overheated real estate market can be challenging — especially as mortgage rates are on the rise. But financially secure parents who are considering downsizing or relocating to greener pastures may Read More

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Jul 07, 2022

Protect Your Assets As You Protect Your Loved Ones

You've worked a lifetime to build your wealth and understandably want to pass much of it on to your loved ones. Estate plans are designed to help you do that in the most tax-efficient way Read More

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May 13, 2021

Year-End Estate Planning Tips for 2020

Most people aren't currently exposed to the federal estate tax, thanks to the generous unified federal estate and gift tax exemptions. However, there are still good reasons to review your estate plan and possibly update Read More

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Dec 03, 2020

Estate Planning Isn’t Just for the Rich and Famous

Nearly everyone should consider updating his or her estate plan. This is smart advice even if you're not currently exposed to the federal estate tax. Year-end can be a convenient time to reflect on major Read More

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Jan 07, 2020