8 strategies to help you adapt to economic down turn without layoffs

At the first sign of a southbound economy some companies rush into panic mode. They slash the staff and hope for the best. Certainly, labor is the biggest expense for most businesses, which is why Read More

Diane Glover

Feb 24, 2018

Protect Your Company Retirement Plan from an IRS Attack

When your company sponsors a qualified retirement plan, you must comply with complex rules established by the IRS and the Department of Labor. Ignore the rules and your firm could face costly penalties from federal Read More

Diane Glover

Feb 15, 2018

Recruit and Retain Good Employees with Benefit Programs

It's a lot more efficient to retain good employees than to find and hire new ones. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently asked its members how they are adapting their employee benefit programs Read More

Kirsch CPA Group

Feb 17, 2017