3 Ways Small & Midsized Businesses Can Maximize Tax Benefits

Are you maximizing your tax benefits? From employee retention credits to tax credits for innovation, there are many strategies for small and midsized businesses to capitalize on deductions and benefits for the 2021 tax year Read More

Sue Schloemer

Feb 15, 2022

Where Is My Federal and Ohio Refund?

Taxpayers have until Monday, April 18, 2022, to file their 2021 tax returns and pay any tax due. If you are expecting a refund, you can click the link below to quickly learn the status Read More

Sue Schloemer

Jan 13, 2022

How to Make Filing Your Taxes a Non-Event

How did your last tax filing go? Were you stressed out? Surprised by a big tax bill? Angry at your accountant? If you’re like many business owners, filing your taxes can bring stress and anxiety. Read More

Sue Schloemer

Oct 13, 2021

Where Is My 2020 Tax Refund?

Where’s my 2020 tax refund?  If you are asking this question you are not alone.  In May 2021, the Tax Advocate Service provided an update stating the IRS has struggled to handle a recent backlog Read More

Sue Schloemer

Jun 19, 2021

Cash Flow Tip: Postpone Payment of Certain Federal Employer Payroll Taxes

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act includes an opportunity for employers to defer a portion of their payroll tax deposits.   The Benefit: Postponing certain tax deposits for up to two years Read More

Sue Schloemer

Apr 20, 2020

Remember To Take Required Minimum Distributions at Age 70 1/2 Or Face Penalties

Did you know there's a stiff penalty if you fail to take timely distributions from your IRA? Once you turn age 70½, you must start taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) from your traditional IRAs, including Read More

Sue Schloemer

Feb 17, 2017

Non-Compete Agreements: Finding the Right Balance

Non-compete agreements have long been a staple of executive employment contracts. Today, however, they're becoming increasingly common even in lower-level jobs. According to the Wall Street Journal, a steady rise in litigation over non-competes "largely Read More

Sue Schloemer

Jul 18, 2016

Good News for Ohio Taxpayers

There's good news for Ohio taxpayers this tax season, whether you're an individual or a small business owner. These changes can offer savings and provide a quicker, more efficient filing process. Here are the tax Read More

Sue Schloemer

Feb 10, 2016

Five Midyear Business Tax Planning Moves

Midyear Business Tax Planning Moves Inspired by the PATH Act Numerous tax breaks have been retroactively expanded for 2015 and beyond — or, in some cases, been made permanent — under the Protecting Americans from Read More

Sue Schloemer

Jun 16, 2016