Accounting Case Study

The Landscape

Kirsch CPA Group was engaged to perform an audit of an organization that had never been audited before despite a long existence. When asked to see their accounting records, we were provided with numerous excel spreadsheets. We determined that even though the organization had grown steadily and evolved over the past 40 years, their accounting records and internal procedures had not.

Key Strategic
Financial Objectives

  • Conduct an audit of their financial system
  • Establish a reporting system to create transparency for the board and donors
  • Review cash balances and recommend an action plan to use those resources
  • Actively manage investments to take advantage of returns

Kirsch CPA
Service Plan

  • Working with the bookkeeper to consolidate spreadsheets creating a general ledger
  • Recommended improvements to internal controls and operations to the board of trustees
  • Implementation of an accounting system
  • Quarterly strategic planning

Accounting Case Study

The Result

As a result of going beyond the audit, the Organization today is thriving. The key difference is that now they actually know they are thriving, as they have financial reports to prove it. KCG not only set up certain reports for management to review on a regular basis, but we spent time with management and the volunteer treasurer to explain the purpose of each report. Whenever an issue arises, they turn to KCG as a trusted advisor and business partner. Their accounting records and internal controls are now appropriate for the size of their Organization.