Financial Statement Preparation

Every company needs to know where the successes and failures are in their business. Financial statements reflect the financial position of your company. But having reports is not enough, as a business owner you need to use your financial statements as a tool to:

  • Compare and measure your business
  • Report to owners and investors the financial position of your company
  • Keep your lender appropriately informed

At Kirsch, we understand the numbers that make your business run and we help you proactively manage your business. Preparing reports is only part of our service. We want you to know your financial position and help you find opportunities to make improvements. Our services include preparing and reviewing:

  • Balance sheets to detail loan balances, total assets, liabilities, receivables, other data
  • Profit and Loss Statements to understand what categories are generating income and where expenses might be too high
  • Statements of Cash Flow to uncover how money is flowing in and out of your business
  • Historical Comparisons within your business and your industry to discover areas for improvement

We can also assist you in presenting financial data to management or financial institutions.


About Kirsch CPA Group

As a business owner, you started your own business because of a passion and today you have a successful and thriving business. Starting and running your own business is one of the most exciting and rewarding choices you've made, and now it's time to take it to the next level.

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