Whether you’re buying or selling, a successful merger or acquisition has to be built atop a rock-solid business foundation. The two key components of that base are an understanding of external market factors, and the ability to create an internal organizational strategy.

At Kirsch, our consulting professionals will help you sift through and analyze the all-important external drivers of the acquisition and other market factors that can impact your deal, including:

  • Historical trends and current forecasts by market segment
  • Supply and demand dynamics
  • Strategic, financial and cultural considerations of buyers and sellers
  • Valuation approaches used within the industry
  • Performance benchmarks
  • Typical and alternative deal structures

We are also the perfect partner to help define your organizational strategy and bring focus and clarity to important internal issues. We can help you to:

  • Analyze the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your internal operating systems
  • Realize new perspectives on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and vulnerabilities
  • Assess the critical and relevant aspects of your operating environment
  • Define and hone your institutional goals for a merger or acquisition
  • Create and implement a strategy that’s efficient, effective and organization-specific
  • Strategically position your organization to maximize opportunities for success

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