Asset Protection Strategies

Are you prepared if everything you’ve worked for was lost or taken from you? Any business with net worth could find themselves liable in a lawsuit or have a key employee have a major health crisis. Many business owners unknowingly have their assets exposed, and risk losing their accumulated wealth.

Will liability insurance protect you? Many businesses have not been advised on how to structure their assets and liabilities in the event of misfortune. Businesses owners that find their business in financial difficulty, end up not only losing the risk capital they put into their businesses, but also their personal assets like their home.

At Kirsch, we take steps to ensure that your money is protected from such events as over taxation, bankruptcy or tricky financial situations that might arise as the result of a divorce, lawsuit or other misfortune. We can help:

  • Maximize the protection of your business assets
  • Ensure all assets are owned in the most appropriate structure
  • Build a wall between business and personal assets
  • Gain the maximum security you can for advances to their business and protect you before it’s too late.


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