Strategic Growth Planning

One of the greatest challenges that businesses face today is deciding the path to growth.
Growth gained too quickly through acquisition and mergers can result in a culture clash.
Growth through investment influx or capital expansion can produce a loss of control or cash flow crisis.
Self-financed, slow growth may result in missing timely, emerging opportunities.

Business owners need to review their plan to determine what has already changed and forecast the affects of competition, technology, and demand for the product or services of the business.

At Kirsch, we help you create a framework for making choices about how your business allocates your resources to grow stronger. We specialized in helping organizations grow through:

  • Maximizing their financial strength
  • Streamlining operational abilities
  • Creating market advantage while at the same time minimizing risk and potential liabilities.

We will create a “Change Plan.” While most leaders realize that change needs to occur in their organization in order to improve performance, many are not quite sure precisely “what” needs to change to move to the next level. We begin the change effort with a business assessment which clarifies this process.


About Kirsch CPA Group

As a business owner, you started your own business because of a passion and today you have a successful and thriving business. Starting and running your own business is one of the most exciting and rewarding choices you've made, and now it's time to take it to the next level.

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