Accounting for Dentists

Diane Glover

Aug 01, 2017

Dental Accounting

Having an accurate view of the financial condition of your Dental practice at all times is essential to the growth of your practice. Doing your own bookkeeping or hiring an in-house inexperienced bookkeeper can result in costly mistakes.  The result of an inaccurate or unreliable accounting system can be unexpected high tax bills, theft due to lack of internal controls, incorrect reconciliation of cash or high receivables figure.

Sound financial management begins with understanding the bookkeeping and accounting needed to effectively operate a dental practice. An accounting system to accurately track dental tax deductions, save time, save money, implement an effective operation system, and provide the owners of the practice with peace of mind that the practice is healthy.

Kirsch CPA Group has a solution that will help you get back to what’s important —patient care.

We offer a flexible suite of accounting for dentists designed specifically to meet your unique needs—BOSS® (Back Office Support System). With BOSS, Kirsch CPA Group becomes your internal accounting department—handling everything from paying bills, preparing monthly financial statements to expert financial guidance year-round. We handle the numbers, so you can get back to your patients!  Click to learn more about BOSS –Accounting System for Dentists

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