Accounting Myth Busting: Switching Your Accountant Is Costly

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Apr 09, 2021

Accounting Service Myth Busting: Switching Your Accountant Is Costly

Change is hard, even when you know it’s the right thing to do. That is just as true in business as in every other human endeavor. And so, we put it off. We find ways to justify sticking with the status quo. All that time invested doing things the old way… When will we find the time to change?

The prospect of switching accountants brings the added anxiety of ending a relationship: your accountant can seem like part of the family.

Move past the sentimentality–it’s business after all–and one nagging doubt remains to be resolved: how much is switching going to cost?

It’s a valid question. We’re accountants, after all. We understand the cost, even when it’s disguised as time, or worry, or opportunity.

How Much Does Switching Cost?

When you have to wait months for your financial statement or you don’t have the real-time information you need to renew a credit line or evaluate a capital purchase, the opportunity cost of the status quo often far outweighs the cost of switching.

While there may be costs associated with having to clean up your current accounting records, they are far less than you may think, and at Kirsch, we do everything possible to minimize costs.

The vast majority of  business owners who make the switch to Kirsch find it’s an investment in their growth that pays off quickly: in tax savings, improved cash flow and expanded opportunities.

The Switching Process

Time is money, of course. At Kirsch, we begin with a one-hour introductory meeting to get to know your management team. We’ll follow up with a series of meetings to drill down on the details and review prior year financial information with your team. We’ll review your financial records and overall business strategy to determine the right service plan for your business.

Within 10 days, we’ll present you with a specific action plan and tell you what it will take to put you in a position to produce real-time financial statements. Though it can vary, rarely does it take more than a few weeks to develop a full-service plan and get started.

Get Started Today

At Kirsch CPA, we know the effort that change requires and we are committed to making it as seamless as possible based on our proven process. Let us help you take advantage of every opportunity for your business.

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