How to Change Accountants

Diane Glover

Jun 24, 2019

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We are often asked “how do I change accountants when I am unhappy with the services I am receiving?”

You may feel loyal & committed to your current accountant. Or maybe you believe your accountant has all the information and that recreating the information with a new accountant sounds costly and difficult? After all, you share your most trusted and personal information with your accountant. BUT, it’s a very simple exercise to change accountants and if you wait, it may just drag out your average results and be worse for you in the long term.

Before you make any solid decisions, we recommend you think about what you need in an accountant first. This often starts with knowing what you don’t like about your current accountant. Here are some ideas things to think about:

  • Phone calls returned within 24 hours
  • A team that knows you and your business
  • Visits more than once per year
  • Proactive Tax Planning
  • Recommendations on how to improve things
  • Insight into your numbers so you know where to focus your business efforts

When you have chosen the best accounting firm for you then it is a very simple process. It often follows a pattern similar to these steps:

1.  You engage your new accountant formally by way of letter and agreement for services.

2. Then make contact with your existing accountant, giving them the heads up of the change.
A good way to bring up the subject is to let them know that your needs have changed at your stage in business, and you’ve found another accountant who can help you.

3. Your files and information are sent from your old accountant to your new one.

4. You will provide the most recent tax returns and financial statements prepared by the previous accountant.

5. Change your passwords for all files your accountant has access to. This includes accounting software, payroll records, electronic funds transfer passwords, billing accounts, and apps that your account has You are established on your new accountant’s system.

6. The first meeting for direction and planning takes place.

7. Your new relationship to success begins!

The concern you have about how to change accountants is a common one. Too often business owners believe their tax and financial matters are so complicated that it would be hard for another accountant to take over their affairs. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Are you unhappy with your current accountant? If you are looking for an accountant to check off the boxes above look no further than Kirsch CPA Group. Contact us today at 513.523.1100 to explore the excellent customer service Kirsch has to offer.

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