Find the Payroll Support You Need from Someone that Already Knows You

Becky Byrd

Sep 28, 2022

For many owners of small and mid-size businesses, taking care of your employees is the highest priority. Paying your team accurately, timely and without hassle is your expectation. For something that seems relatively straightforward, payroll has a way of producing complications out of proportion to the amount of time you have to spend doing it.

Large payroll companies may appear to have impressive capabilities and pricing, but customer service is often lacking, leaving you to resolve payroll problems on your own.

What can you do when you really need payroll support as good as the support you provide your customers? Look no further than your own CPA firm.

The Growing Demands of Payroll for a Growing Business

Keeping your payroll processes up to date requires significant payroll expertise and time, especially for complex issues like managing multi-state tax obligations.

Adding and changing employee benefits also have implications that require professional support, not to mention the potential impact on employee morale – in the current tight labor market, late paychecks or not paying the right amount (especially overtime) can be detrimental to keeping employees happy.

Payroll and cash flow forecasting are also intertwined. No matter what kind of business you’re growing, if you’re getting only basic help with your payroll, you’ve probably already faced some of these obstacles.

That’s why a growing number of Kirsch CPA Group clients have added our payroll services to the accounting and financial advisory support we already provide them.

Why use your accounting partner to do your payroll? For many, the answer is simple: they want better service and a holistic financial approach to their business. And who knows your accounting, cash flow and tax liabilities better than your accountant?

The Advantages of Payroll Provided by Your Accounting Partner

There are many advantages to combining your payroll support with your accounting services. When you have a holistic accounting provider like Kirsch CPA Group, you’ve got a team behind you – one that knows your business and financial goals.

Here’s an overview of the benefits our clients reap when they add payroll to their services:

  • It’s Easy: we already have access to their accounting software and visibility into their business needs and challenges
  • It’s Sophisticated: high-level cash flow forecasting can deliver strategic insights for making hiring and compensation decisions
  • It Eliminates Headaches: multistate payroll tax issues are complex, and errors can be expensive; Kirsch clients don’t have to worry
  • It’s Reliable: the personalized, holistic customer service that Kirsch CPA Group provides to its clients has no competition among payroll providers
  • It’s Proactive: we can identify needed payroll changes based on our knowledge of your business – before problems arise
  • It’s There When You Need it: Payroll questions need timely answers; when you use Kirsch CPA Group for accounting, business advisory and payroll support, you’ll have the expertise of the entire Kirsch team when you need it
  • It’s Time You Can Use for Bigger Things: When you’re spending time unraveling mysteries like multistate payroll tax obligations, that’s time you’re not using to grow your business

Take the Pain out of Your Payroll

Keeping up with payroll issues can be tedious even when everything is going right. When payroll tax or cash flow issues arise, however, tedium is the least of your concerns. If you’ve got unresolved payroll concerns and you’re not getting the service you need, don’t take the risk of fines, penalties and disrupted business.

Learn more about adding payroll to your Kirsch CPA Group services. And if you’re not a Kirsch CPA Group client yet, learn more about what holistic accounting and financial advisory services can bring to your business. Our work is customized around your business and your goals, with strategic advice and services that get you where you want to go.

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