Four Kirsch CPA Group Team Members Take on New Roles

Diane Glover

Jul 20, 2023

Kirsch CPA Group takes great pride in nurturing and developing the incredible talent within our team.

We are proud to announce the promotions of four team members who consistently demonstrate commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

With their new roles, we are confident that they will continue to elevate our services, provide innovative solutions, and drive success for our clients in the ever-evolving financial landscape.


Acknowledging Dedication, Commitment, and Outstanding Performance

Katie Keller and Ryan Smith have both been promoted from Senior Analyst to Manager. Their new position is a pivotal role in assisting business owners with opportunities for improvement and developing strategies for increasing profitability, tax minimization options, new opportunities, tax changes, and more.

Chance Petri and Trevor Thome are both promoted from Analyst to Senior Analyst, responsible for conducting comprehensive cash flow analysis and forecasting. In this role, they will bring specialized expertise in month-end accounting, helping clients predict areas of growth, identifying tax opportunities, and providing business advisory services.


Congratulations to Our Recognized Team Members

The promotion of these four individuals demonstrates our commitment to their individual success and our dedication to cultivating a high-performing team. As a firm, we understand the importance of recruiting, retaining, and acknowledging individuals for their leadership, skillset, hard work, and invaluable contributions. Together they embody our commitment to the success of each and every client we serve.

Our advisory services are holistic, diverse, and effective – much like the employees on our team. Contact us to learn more about how Kirsch can help your organization achieve profitability and growth.


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