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Mar 11, 2013

Say Good-bye to QuickBooks 2010

Clients often ask us “Do I really need to upgrade my QuickBooks®software?” The answer is YES, but many clients still will respond with “I’ll make sure that I do that.” Others will respond with “No.  I can’t afford to spend the money” or “I think it’s a waste of money.”

QuickBooks software upgrades are very valuable to your business.  These upgrades improve the software helping you to make better decisions for your business.  QuickBooks also has a sunset policy.

qb-115x140A software sunset policy is an expiration date for providing ongoing support and updates for prior software versions. It allows companies like Intuit® to put more resources into developing software enhancements while keeping the sales price to the customer very low.

As part of QuickBooks’ sunset policy, a software version is discontinued each year in May.   In May 2013, we will say goodbye to QuickBooks 2010.  The three most recent versions of QuickBooks will be actively supported.

Once a software version is discontinued, there are certain services that are impacted and/or interrupted:

  • Payroll updates
  • Merchant Services (i.e., Intuit credit card processing)
  • Online Banking and Bill Paying
  • Ability to Email Within QuickBooksTechnical Support

Although some may believe that Intuit is just trying to get us to buy new products, it’s almost impossible for a software company to efficiently provide support for every IRS tax change and every browser update (Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer) for every version of software that they’ve ever sold.

When you consider of all the small things in life we upgrade, spending a couple hundred bucks is pretty insignificant if it makes running your business more efficient and gives you the technology support you need. Your business is worth that!

If you need help with the upgrade, we have QuickBooks Pro Certified Advisors on staff to help you.  Our team can help you remotely or spend a few hours at your office to help you make the transition.

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