Navigate to Your Goals with Financial GPS

Nick Roell

Jan 20, 2023

Few business owners don’t see value in taking time to scrutinize their financial statements, especially at the end of the year. But do they take the time to do so?

And when you, or your accounting partner, solely focus on financial statements, you’re only seeing your business through a historical lens. While it’s important to know where you’re coming from, it can be like trying to drive while looking through the rearview mirror.

A Guided Path Forward

At Kirsch CPA Group, our approach is built around a forward-looking mindset. While financial statements provide useful data points for understanding the health of your business, plotting a course requires a focus on where you want to be down the road and when you want to get there. It’s a process of careful plotting, tracking and recalibrating to ensure you are where you need to be at each milestone along the way.

You can think of it as a financial roadmap. And if you’re a Kirsch client, it’s like a roadmap enabled by GPS: the ongoing advice, planning and assessment that Kirsch provides will help keep you on track.

The Benefits of Creating a Roadmap

Financial decisions made within the context of a budgeting and forecasting framework enable the weighing of pros and cons in a systematic way, with solid data. Tactical decisions should revolve around your roadmap too. The benefits of a financial roadmap empower your business at every stage to:

  • Define the direction of your business
  • Inform your most important decisions with data and insights
  • Establish short and long-term goals and timelines
  • Unlock ways to improve performance
  • Provide an accurate understanding of cash position, allowing for timely course adjustment
  • Create consistent performance reviews and hold teams accountable
  • Analyze past decision-making
  • Clarify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and create a baseline for results

Let Kirsch Help You Get Where You Want to Go

A roadmap doesn’t predict the future, but it does provide a way of measuring where you are in relation to your goals. With a clear-sighted view of the path, you can make clear-sighted decisions about how to get there.

Kirsch CPA Group has a well-honed process for strategic accounting and financial advisory to help move your business forward. We have decades of experience and a unique approach to accounting and financial services, focused on your goals and built around measurable results. At Kirsch CPA Group, success is a well-worn path.

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