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Jan 21, 2021


Printers, pens, stamps, envelopes … In this age of technology, these aren’t necessary to work with Kirsch CPA Group. If your life can be simplified and more secure, why shouldn’t it be?

Technology makes it easier and safer to work with Kirsch CPA Group. We are providing the safest and most secure methods for managing your financial matters. In January 2019, Kirsch CPA Group automated the tax return delivery process by partnering with SafeSend Returns to deliver your tax return electronically. Your review and signature of the 2019 federal and state individual and business income tax returns could be completed from the convenience of your computer. No coming to our office or mailing necessary!

To provide a more convenient and safe experience Kirsch CPA Group is adding SafeSend Exchange. Now, you can send your documents to us safely and securely. With no passwords to remember, SafeSend Exchange allows you to easily upload documents directly to us. Click the Secure File Upload Button at the top of the page and send your documents directly to the Kirsch Team.

Safely Send YOUR documents to Kirsch SECURELY AND WITH EASE 

Benefits of using SafeSend Exchange:
  • Send documents securely without the need to set up an account
  • Use your computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Easy to access from the safety of your home or office and send your document
  • Visit the Kirsch website and click the Secure File Upload 
Learn more about how to use SafeSend. SafeSend Exchange Instructions


Benefits of using SafeSend Returns:
  • Receive your tax returns securely without the need to set up an account
  • Accessible across all platforms: computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Electronically sign your federal and state e-file authorizations (8879), no printing or mailing necessary
  • Payment reminder e-mails
  • Download a copy of your tax return to store safely in your files


Helpful Tutorials for using Safesend Returns

Individual 1040 Tax Return Guide
Entity Returns with K-1s Guide




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