Do You Need More from Your Accounting Firm?

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Jun 13, 2022

Is your accountant unintentionally holding back your business and costing you money and opportunity?

The lifecycle of a business has many inflection points. The accountant you used when your biggest concern was filing a tax return likely isn’t the right firm when growth, repositioning and other changing circumstances call for a more strategic approach.

Your choice of an accounting partner can make a big difference at such points, and beyond.

The right accounting and consulting partner can play a critical role in the growth of your business with forward-thinking advice, responsiveness and expertise and a results-oriented approach that positions you to seize opportunities and avoid costly obstacles. The right partner will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

What does a strategic accounting partner do differently? Here are three key attributes.

#1: Forward Thinking

A forward-thinking accounting firm invests the time and resources to learn your business and understand your goals to identify the strategies that can accelerate your growth:

  • Bringing unforeseen opportunities to your attention
  • Advising you on future plans and not simply focusing on historic results
  • Helping you avoid costly mistakes involving cash flow decisions
  • Developing a financial game plan to achieve your business goals

#2: Responsive

Growing companies need more than just easy answers. A responsive partner stays up to date with the latest issues facing your business and works on your timeline to deliver answers when you need them:

  • Staying connected and engaged with your team throughout the year
  • Offering a wide range of services and resources but one on one interaction with your service team
  • Providing timely answers for decisions like capital purchases, new business lines or expansion plans
  • Preparing financial statements and cash flow forecasts in real time and when you need them and in a way that provides the business owner timely results and advice

#3: Results Oriented

A results oriented accounting firm is one that works with your goals in mind, driving solutions proactively:

  • Providing financial guidance as part of your strategic planning process
  • Working through succession and transition planning
  • Performing business valuations
  • Facilitating M&A activity and advising you on partner or shareholder buyout transitions
  • Assisting you with financing and banking relationships
  • Bringing other accounting and financial matters to your attention that affect your growth but you never knew to ask about

Is it time for a change? Take the first step and schedule a discovery appointment with a different CPA firm.

Myth: Switching Is Costly & Time-Consuming

Don’t let a relationship that isn’t serving your needs drag on out of loyalty or inertia. The right accounting partner will leave you with more than just improved financial visibility – you’ll have the support you need to make big decisions with confidence. And switching is much easier than you may think.

If you’ve read this far, let’s have a conversation. One of our partners would be happy to talk through your current needs and present you with a strategic financial plan for moving forward.

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